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What my clients think about me, in there own words......

Man Drinking Water

" I have been training with Richard for 18 months now and have really enjoyed and benefited from his approach.

He tailors your program to your needs and takes account of any injuries you might have. he also mixes up the program and keeps you endlessly entertained with humorous banter.

His mixture on core physical conditioning and fitness alongside the need for the right nutrition is absolutely right for me and has helped me to really get fitter and healthier."

Hugh .......

Senior Golfers

I worked with Richard before and after I had Total Knee Replacement (TKR), so it was a period of years that he was my Personal Trainer. 

He was very capable in developing workout routines that not only strengthen my body, but were helpful to  improve the speed of my rehabilitation after TKR. 

He is comprehensive combining diet tips with exercise; this is because he has a depth of knowledge of the physiology of the body to find the best exercises for what you need, as well as finding great healthy substitutes when making food choices. 

He is also very good at exercise technique showing you how to best perform an exercise to get the most benefit; I believe this is his key strength. 

I do not hesitate to recommend Richard as a personal trainer.

Homero ......

Frisbee Thrower

Richarda jako osobního trenéra mohu jenom doporučit. Ví, co dělá, má rozsáhlé zkušenosti a při cvičení jsme i nasmáli. Ačkoliv mi snížil dávky cvičení, které jsem si dříve nakládal, dostavily se výsledky, o které jsem stál. Je velmi dobrý.

Tomas .........

Two Girls Jogging by Water

My experience with Richard was very rich because right away I received the openess to understand my immediate and precise needs and with his knowledge and personal approach I managed to acquired knowledge (theoretically and practical) in a short time.

His training helped me to understand key aspects of long and healthy living and the strong influence of correct and appropriate exercise. I'm now aware of bad habits (posture, wrong way of walking, breathing etc) that with his help I'm changing and this awareness is what will help me to achieve my goals.

He is very knowledgeable and he will not compromise his expertise and experience to satisfy the wrong goal. I fully recommend him.




I have been training with Richard for the past three months. (I have to say that I have never been a fan of exercise and work outs in gym, I found it quite boring and waste of time.)

Richard completely change my outlook, which kind of surprised me. He showed me that even the most undesirable activity can become desirable when you have someone who explains you things ( like - why is it good to exercise ? Why do my hands shake after that excercise ? Why is eating fruits and vegetables positive? What is a good heart rate ? The word WHY became my favorite during my training sessions ) and who motivates you.

Richard is a very nice and warm person , don't get me wrong he still makes you to do exercises with a devilish smile saying - two more , we don't count this one , you need to do it properly.

Having him as a coach makes me feel safe , because he is concerned about how my body feels and he tries to find ways how to help the body , mind  and improve the quality of everyday life. Thank you Richard.

Daniel ...........

Exercising Man

Richard was the first trainer I used and I have never looked back.  He started me from the beginning and I felt reassured that his prime concern was safety and careful development.

His calm manner and and his motivational style are very subtle and effective!

I would recommend Richard to anyone that wants a friendly, helpful and positive trainer that gets you the results you want.  One of the best!


Alan .............

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